Welcome to Metabolic Method™!

We are excited that you decided to take your health journey with us.

I want you to take a moment to imagine all the things you do and think in a day. From your smallest tasks to your biggest worries, all your habits, thoughts, and activities influence your hormones and, ultimately, your ability to feel your best and to effectively lose fat.

Now knowing this I’m sure you may be thinking, “What can I do to achieve and maintain the balance I need for the healthy body I want?”


The answer to this and much more will be laid out for you in our program.

Our systematic approach not only will bring back hormonal balance you need to accelerate fat loss, but also address all potential causes of poor health and weight gain including:

Compromised digestion

Toxicity or inadequate liver function

pH Imbalances (excess body acidity)

Nasty nutrition deficiencies

Hormonal Imbalance

Lack of exercise

Inadequate body temperature regulation


I know…quite a list! I hope you realize that if you haven’t been successful before at reaching or just maintaining your fat loss goal, the problem may not be lack of discipline on your part.

Because our hormones are so delicately intertwined, this program is structured to allow each balancing step to set the stage for the next and to achieve optimal results that last.

Following the guidelines in the order we present them will allow you to move through each stage one at a time. This is not a race! You have the rest of your life to be lean, fit, strong, healthy and vibrant.

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Before we set off on your new journey,

I encourage you to focus on achieving great health, feeling good, gaining strength and building muscle…not on attaining perfection. Your goals should wrap around a healthy body that’s strong and full of vitality.

Message from the Founder….
I hope you find this process enjoyable and rewarding.

By you being a part of The Metabolic Method™ this is not just a 6-week or 6-month “program”, but also a life long partnership between you and The Metabolic Method™ Team.

I look forward to seeing your success!

Coach Lydia, founder of the Metabolic Method